Coast - Fiat On Ramp To PulseChain


Getting Started with $CST

To get started with Coast and CST, follow the steps below:

  • Create and verify your account via the Coast website
  • After creating your account, you’ll receive an email from with a verification link. Click this link to verify your email address and then set up 2FA.
  • Fill in information about yourself and/or your organization. For a list of the documents required, please click here.
  • Submit your application. We will review your application within 3-4 business days at the most.
  • Mint and Redeem our stablecoins with one-click and without fees
  • Trade CST on 70+ exchanges, 160+ markets, and 20+ OTC desks across 5 continents
  • Send CST to anyone, anytime, anywhere, up to 100x cheaper and 1000x faster than a wire transfer
  • See our articles for additional information on how to mint/redeem CST:
  • For the latest information on Coast, please visit our website and blog.

What's Next?