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How do I track my mint status?

To track the status of your mint, you can log into your Coast account and look to the tab labeled “Transactions”. The mint status is displayed in the second column from the right.

You will also receive an email each time the status of your mint is updated.

Status explanations are as follows: 

  • Initialized: You’ve created a mint in our app. Until our fiduciary partners receive the wire, the status will stay as initialized.
  • Wire Received: Our fiduciary partners have received your wire. However, it has not yet been processed.
  • Wire Settled: Your wire has been processed by our fiduciary partners and your $USDC has begun minting. At this point, you’ll receive an email from us with a transaction hash you can track showing the progress of your mint. It will usually take 6 hours for your $USDC to be minted.
  • Mint_Completed: Minting has finished and the $USDC you minted has been sent to your Ethereum wallet. You will also receive an email with the transaction hash.

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