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What are valid forms of proof of address?

What must a proof of address document include?

  • List your first and last name exactly matching your ID and what you have entered in the Coast website.
  • Be issued and dated within 90 days.
  • Be in English.
  • Match the address listed on your document and the address you entered in the Coast website exactly.
  • For Individual applications, the proof of address must be your residential address, and for Organization applications, it can be your personal or business address.
  • Please note; we do not accept PO Box addresses.

What is an example of a valid proof of address document?

  • Utility bill (gas / electric / water)
  • Telephone bill
  • Cable / internet bill
  • Insurance letter (motor / home / life)
  • Mortgage statement
  • Bank statement (Credit card statements are valid)
  • Letters from benefits agency
  • Financial statement (e.g. pension / endowment)
  • Tenancy / lease agreement

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