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When is PulseChain Launching?


When is Pulse Chain launching? Richard Heart, inventor of and provides details for the Pulse launch date. PLS promises to be a better, faster, cheaper Ethereum with the world’s largest airdrop. But when will you be able to buy Pulse?

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PulseChain Liquidity Pools and Yield Farming

Until there are direct exchange listings for the pairs on the Pulse network, the majority of trading on the PLS network with be PRC-20 tokens. There is some speculation that bridged stablecoins from the Ethereum Network over to the Pulse network will soak up a lot of this volume.  As of right now, no stablecoin provider has specified that they intend to launch a native Pulse stablecoin. 

It’s expected that HEX and PLS will be the basis of most pairs on the Pancake Swap fork on Pulse. So until those Stablecoins are bridged and added as LPs, Pulse chain will be the wild west. Just like the blockchain before Stablecoins were invented. Don’t expect this period of time to last long though, as LPs will recognize the income potential and start using bridges. 

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Non Fungile Tokens (NFTs) are Garbage

During the 2017 cryptocurrency Bull Run, the ecosystem was inundated with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Most of them proved to be worthless and lost investors millions of $USD. This time around in 2021, the blockchain space has been flooded with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Some NFTs are useful, like the LP token you receive when you provide liquidity to a decentralized exchange. But others, like computer generated art are unlikely to hold their value, let alone produce appreciation or yield. 

That’s why Richard Heart says that NFTs are garbage and you shouldn’t buy them. If you like Memes and JPGs, you should enjoy them. But you don’t need to duct-tape on a token and pretend that they are valuable. We should all stop pretending that NFTs are valuable.

Do you like Art? Go buy real art. 

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When is PulseChain launching?

When airdrop? The best estimate for the launch date of Pulse Chain is 2 months from today. Now, keep in mind, this was also the estimate on the Pulse launch about a month ago. Investors in HEX will be fully aware of the delays in producing blockchain software. HEX was “two months away” for a year and a half.

So, should we expect Pulse to be released on Nov 2nd, 2021?

Probably not. Software is hard. Delays happen. It’s more likely than not that we’ll see further delays in the release date for Pulse Chain and the associated airdrop. 

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HEX Price Chart is pointing to $1M / HEX

Despite it being the fastest appreciating asset in human history, people still don’t seem to understand what the HEX price can do. HEX outperformed Bitcoin, Ethereum and every other cryptocurrency in 2020 AND has done the same in 2021. So where does the technical analysis (TA) say HEX is going?

How high can the HEX price go?

Well right now, the price chart is pointing towards $1,000,000 per HEX. Which doesn’t make sense if you consider that this would exceed the entire value of everything in the world. It’s mind-warping to consider that we could see $1M HEX. Is past performance an indicator of future performance? No. But trends do exist. And that’s where the trend lines are pointing.

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