Get Dollars On Chain

The fastest way to get economic energy onto #PulseChain. The Coast On-Ramp provides users with a range of payment rails to move fiat on chain. Choose from ACH, Wire, Debit/Credit Card and Direct Deposit as funding methods. Receive $USDC or $CST to your ETH or PLS address in seconds. 


Back To Your Bank

De-Risk from Cryptocurrency entirely by off-ramping through Coast. Send $USDC or burn $CST to receive Fiat in your bank account. The Coast Off-Ramp can support retail users, fund managers, HNW individuals and family offices. 


Fully Collateralized & FDIC Insured

The Coast Stablecoin $CST is a 1-to-1 USD-backed PRC-20 token issued exclusively on #PulseChain. $1CST is always redeemable for $1USD in fiat after completing KYC. Use $CST with or without a Coast account to de-risk from #PulseChain assets and lock in appreciation. 

Digital Accounts

Connect Bank & Wallet

Every user enjoys a free digital account with our banking partner, providing for a seamless integration with your current bank or funding methods. Coast remains out of the flow of funds. Our on-ramp, off-ramp and stablecoin products are as close to “mint your own stablecoin” as is currently possible. 

Native Bridge

Move Between Ethereum & PulseChain

Users with a Coast account can seamlessly bridge economic value between Ethereum and PulseChain.

ETH to PLS: Send USDC to your Digital Account and mint $CST on PulseChain
PLS to ETH: Burn $CST and your Digital Account is issued $USDC on Ethereum 

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