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fiat on ramp for pulsechain

On Ramp

Get Dollars On Chain

The fastest way to get economic energy onto #PulseChain. The Coast On Ramp provides users with a range of payment rails to move fiat on chain. Choose from ACH, Wire, Debit/Credit Card and Direct Deposit as funding methods. Receive $CST to your PLS address in seconds. 

Off Ramp

Back To Your Bank

De-Risk from Cryptocurrency entirely by off ramping through Coast. Burn $CST to receive Fiat in your bank account. The Coast Off Ramp can support retail users, fund managers, HNW individuals and family offices. 

fiat off ramp for pulsechain
fiat backed stablecoin for PulseChain


Fully Collateralized & FDIC Insured

The Coast Stablecoin $CST is a 1-to-1 USD-backed PRC-20 token issued exclusively on #PulseChain. For Coast users, 1 CST is always redeemable for $1 USD in fiat. Use $CST with or without a Coast account to de-risk from #PulseChain assets and lock in appreciation. 

Digital Accounts

Connect Bank & Wallet

Every user enjoys a free digital account with our banking partner, providing for a seamless integration with your current bank or funding methods. Coast remains out of the flow of funds. Our on ramp, off ramp and stablecoin products are as close to “mint your own stablecoin” as is currently possible. 

borderless digital bank account
native bridge to pulsechain

Native Bridge

Move Between Ethereum & PulseChain

Users with a Coast account can seamlessly bridge economic value between Ethereum and PulseChain.

ETH to PLS: Send USDC to your Digital Account and mint $CST on PulseChain
PLS to USD: Burn $CST and your Digital Account is issued $USD


Get $PLS, $PLSX, $HEX and $WAIT with Fiat (USD)

The Coast ‘Buy’ provides what feels like a direct-buy experience for users to get $PLS, $PLSX, $HEX and $WAIT in their external wallets. Yes! You can now on-ramp to Pulsechain without having PLS to pay for transactions like minting and swapping $CST. 

Coast Buy feature graphic

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