Coast - Fiat On Ramp To PulseChain

Entity Accounts Now Available


The Coast platform now provides users in more than 50 countries with the ability to onramp economic energy to PulseChain using a entity account. If you want to buy Pulse or PulseX using a retirement fund, LLC or any other business vehicle, we can help you!

As of today, officially supports the following US business vehicles: 

  • LLC
  • C-Corp
  • Partnership
  • Non-Profit
  • S-Corp
  • Sole-Prop
  • Other (401k, IRA, SEP, etc…) 

Not in the US? No problem. You can also use an international business entity as long as you have passed personal KYC.

Step 1 - Create a Personal Account

Every entity account requires a beneficial owner. Therefore in order to onramp to PulseChain as a business you will need to have a personal Coast account. The individual registration process has been streamlined over the past few months with more than 90% of users being approved in under 5 minutes. 

Click here to create your personal account

Step 2 - Create an Entity Account

Once you have an active personal account, you will be able to attach an entity account using the same login. There is no need to register a new username and password. 

Click here to create you entity account

You may create as many entity accounts as you wish however each entity can only be owned/controlled by a single beneficial owner If you have any issues, please use the website chat to speak live to a support agent.

How To Toggle Between Business / Personal

We’ve made this process as simple as possible. Go to the Settings page and select the entity through which you would like to Buy Pulse. Bank accounts are entity-specific. However you can use the same wallet address for all your different entities so that they all share in the benefits of locking your WAIT on the Fees page

How Entity Accounts Were Created

Our dev team has been working on ways for people to buy Pulse with a retirement fund or to buy Pulse using an LLC for several months. This development should allow users worldwide to use any corporate entity to onramp fiat to PulseChain. 

What's Next?

Our next major announcement will likely be the release of a Buy feature allowing users to purchase PLS, PLSX, HEX and WAIT using fiat in their Digital Account. We know that not everyone wants to Mint $CST and we also know that not all our users have PLS to start with. This feature will mean users can buy all the major assets on PulseChain with gasless transactions. HINT: It’s not really totally gasless. We just pay the gas for you!

What's Next?