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UX – New Deposit / Withdraw Page


The Coast fiat on-ramp has made it even easier than ever to move funds to and from PulseChain by adding a dedicated Deposit / Withdraw page to our application. 

Previously, a PulseChain deposit was only possible from the Mint & Burn and ‘Buy’ pages. Based on user feedback, we took the decision to add this additional page so that you can deposit to PulseChain in one simple place. 

Deposit / Withdraw Options

Coast now provides five different methods for users to deposit to PulseChain or withdraw from Pulsechain. We’ve chosen the listed methods based on several criteria including sovereignty, self-custody, speed and cost. The addition of the deposit page means you’re just a single click away from all these deposit methods no matter where you are on the app. 

Deposit Instructions

New step by step instructions have been added for Wise and Revolut

We’ve also taken this opportunity to add links to the deposit instructions for and Both these tutorials are hosted in our FAQ within Intercom so that they’re easy for us to share with customers during live chat support. 

Deposit Page

The screenshot below shows the Deposit tab of the new deposit/withdraw page. Notice there are five different deposit options to move money to PulseChain. We will look at adding more deposit options over the next few weeks. 
Coast deposit to Pulsechain page

Withdraw Page

A screenshot of the Withdraw tab of the new deposit/withdraw page can be seen below. There are fewer options shown than for deposits, largely because the ACH withdraw method can be used by anyone with a or account so these don’t require additional options. 
Coast withdraw funds form PulseChain page

Need help with a Deposit or Withdraw?

If you have any issues with creating a recipient or starting a transfer, please contact our support team using the website chat feature in the bottom right of the screen.

Twitter: @0xCoast
Telegram: @Coast0x

What's Next?