Coast - Fiat On Ramp To PulseChain

Burn & Withdraw Re-Activated


Major development at Coast – Burns & Withdraws have been re-activated! This means we are fully functional as an OffRamp for PulseChain again.

You can now Burn $CST, $USDC, $USDT and $DAI and Withdraw $USD if you are using Coast anywhere outside the United States. Here are some of the details including responses to frequently asked questions about the process of Burning and Withdrawing from PulseChain.


Previous versions of Coast only allowed for the burning of the Coast Stablecoin $CST. However, with the re-release of Burning, we have also introduced the ability to ‘Burn’ wrapped USDC (eUSDC), wrapped DAI (eDAI) and wrapped USDT (eUSDT).

This means you can offramp from PulseChain using any one of four different assets, and if you never want to hold CST, you no longer need to. 

Please note that when ‘Burning’ you will be performing a Send through the Coast dApp. DO NOT simply burn your coins by sending to the public burn address as this will result in the total loss of your funds. If you are confused by this at all, please use the website chat feature to contact customer support. 


There are slightly different fee structures for burning these different assets:

  • USDC: 25-100 bps
  • DAI: 25-100 bps
  • USDT: 25-100 bps
  • CST: 100-400 bps

For more information on cutting your OffRamping costs by up to 75%, please visit the Fees page on the Coast dApp which explains how to lock and unlock $WAIT. Only about 10% of Coast users currently enjoy maximum discounts. Stop leaving money on the table!


All users outside the USA may now Withdraw the balance in their digital account. Adding to your balance is simple, just Burn any of the four assets listed above. There is a flat $3 withdraw fee. By re-releasing Withdraws, we have now completed the OffRamp flow so users can move economic energy off PulseChain. 

What’s on the roadmap?

Our development team is working on the following features in this order;

  • Buy Feature – PLS, PLSX, HEX, and WAIT
  • Something special for 2-5 US States
  • All Feature for United States users
  • Massive Fee Reduction project


The customer service team is available during standard Eastern US business hours (8am-4pm) to answer any questions you might have about your account. Please use the website chat feature or email

What's Next?