Your Money.
On Pulse.

Non-Custodial On-Ramp, Off-Ramp and Stablecoin for #PulseChain.

PulseChain's most trusted on-ramp


Independently attested, live updated Proof of Reserves published monthly on #PulseChain


Plans to move billions of dollars monthly across more than 100 exchanges and OTC desks


Every $CST is 100% collateralized, with funds held in FDIC-insured accounts by our banking partners 


Near-instant mints and redemptions, powered by Trustless systems and Coast protocol


Used by Pulsicans in over 100 countries while complying with all relevant regulations


Trade currencies, mint cryto, pay invoices, buy goods, book travel, or trade NFTs with our partners

Built For PulseChain Users


Traders rely on periods of de-risking to maintain portfolios. $CST provides traders a fiat-backed stablecoin for times when they don’t hold an active trading position. 


Fiat-backed stablecoins make it easy for investors to move economic energy on chain. $CST gives PulseChain investors a bridge-free way to move capital. 


Coast is designed to scale with the PulseChain ecosystem. We are creating a toolkit for other developers to build fiat onramps for their customers/users. 


Do you sing the virtues of $HEX and $PLS? The Coast onramp aims to make your life easier by providing a single point of entry for onboarding into the ecosystem. 


Crypto is too complex for the vast majority of first-time users. The Coast dApp is built for on-boards with a simple interface and deliberately limited feature set. 


The HEX community has been chronically underserved by legacy crypto platforms. Coast is building products specifically for the Richard Heart ecosystem. 

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