Coast - Fiat On Ramp To PulseChain





Q4 , 2021

Seed Fundraising Round

Hired: Lead Graphic Designer

$TIDE Product Design

Hired: Two-Dev Blockchain Team

Hired: Operations Manager

$TIDE Frontend & Testnet Deployed

Q1, 2022

Q2 , 2022

$WAIT V1 Security Audit

Hired: Marketing Manager

$WAIT Frontend & Testnet Deployed

$WAIT Project Announced

PR & Marketing Campaign Launch

$WAIT 3-Step Claim Implemented

Fiat Onramp Announced (Sept 14th)

Q3, 2022

Q4, 2022

$WAIT V1C FrontEnd Deployed

$WAIT Eligibility Expanded

$WAIT V2 Contract Deployed

OnRamp Banking Partner Finalized

OnRamp USA & UK Approval

Hired: Chief Technology Officer

Hired: Senior FrontEnd Developer

Hired: Lead UX/UI Designer

OnRamp Internal Alpha Release

Q1, 2023

Q2, 2023

OnRamp Multi-Country Approval

$CST Stablecoin Approval

Referral Program

Phase #2 Release

OnRamp PulseChain Release

Q3, 2023

Q4, 2023

Phase #2 Release

Phase #3 Release

What's Next?

"A product roadmap is not a list of features. It is a plan for the future of your product. It is a way to communicate your vision to your team, your customers, and your investors. It is a way to keep everyone aligned and focused on the same goal. A well-crafted product roadmap can help you achieve your goals and build a successful product."